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EXC has formed alliances with a broad range of vendors in order to bring you competitive prices for all of your system needs.  Email or call us at (800) 660-6223 so we can help you get the products you need.


EXC is proud to sell Dell computers.  Dell builds exceptional PC systems and servers–all custom configured and manufactured to match customer needs exactly. We sell the computer that is right for you. Whether you want an off the shelf model or a custom designed system, we can match you to your ideal needs in computing.


We can get you the ‘tools’ you need.  Whether it’s a new laser printer, a scanner, or a flash drive, we can fill your request at competitive prices.


We can recommend, supply, and install the software you need.  Whether it’s an upgrade or a new system package, our team has the knowledge to help you make an informed decision.


We sell multiple products to help secure and protect your valuable data.  From anti-virus software to robust UTM (unified threat management) devices we can make recommendations to fit your budget and needs.

Cloud Services

We are an authorized Microsoft cloud solutions provider.  Empower your business by always having the latest office technology with an Office365 subscription.

Repairs and Installation

EXC specializes in repairing and installing all makes and models of computers, networks, servers and peripheral equipment. We can also help you by analyzing needs and suggesting upgrades to your system (including security needs). No job is too big or too small for EXC, from setting up your single office network to setting up regional office networks. Before the repair or installation work, EXC will provide you with a detailed strategy of the repair or installation and we will help you assess the choices between repairing equipment or purchasing new. The choice is yours. The choice is to choose EXC as your own personal technical support company. Please give us a call today at (800) 660-6223.

Disaster Recovery

It’s no secret that catastrophic loss of data can cripple a business for days to months. There are two ways we can help. The first choice is to do something before that catastrophe happens. EXC can help you with your data backup on remote, secure servers. The second choice is to recover the lost data. EXC Computer Consultants are experts in data backup and disaster recovery, so please give us a call for more information about how we can save you some major headaches. Sooner or later it happens to everyone, so if your data is at risk, please call us at (800) 660-6223 right now!

Help Desk Support

If you own a business, our Help Desk is just for you. The Help Desk basically is a pre-pay service that gives you access to technical support by phone only when you need it. Pre-paying costs you less in the long run and proves to be a great bargain for telephone support, no matter how large or small your business is. And it never expires. Please give us a call for a quote specifically designed for you. Call (800) 660-6223 today!

Secure Hosting

Whether you need a place to backup your site, host your email system or website, EXC can help. We have the partnerships to deliver the proper package you need at prices you can afford. EXC can also set up and administer your storage space and help you with your domain registration. Give EXC Computer Consulting a call at (800) 660-6223 to discuss your needs and get a free quote.

System Monitoring & Firewall Protection

Another specialty of EXC Computers is server monitoring computer and making sure your firewall is robust and able to stop the unwanted bad things thrown at your computer. EXC operates a monitoring program that can provide details on what is going on with your system. We can also help you with your firewall. EXC uses proven firewalls that do a great job of stopping unwanted intruders in your system. Is it worth the cost? We think so. All it takes is one breach to make your customer data, your trade secrets, your finances and other important data vulnerable to theft or malicious changes. Our server monitoring helps you and EXC keep your server running at top efficiency. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait until it is too late. Give EXC a call today at (800) 660-6223.


Many computer companies install your new equipment and then they leave. EXC can help you after the install by providing training. It does not matter if it is new equipment, software or one of our protection or monitoring programs, EXC can be your one-stop call for help, equipment, supplies, software and training. Give us a call today at (800) 660-6223!