EXC has formed alliances with several vendors in order to bring you competitive prices for all of your system needs.  Email or call us at (800) 660-6223 so we can help you get the products you need.

Virtual Chief Information Officer

As your vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer), we collaborate with our clients to provide strategic consulting services and cost analyses regarding information technology and cloud infrastructure. We assist clients in developing the roadmap for their strategic IT success plan.

Helpdesk Support

Superior business class service when you need it. Speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians anytime you need support.

Cloud Services

Work from home or the beach with our cloud service setup! We make sure that you can do your job from anywhere with cloud services and remote setup.

Repairs & Installation

EXC specializes in repairing and installing all makes and models of computers, networks, servers and peripheral equipment. We can also help you by analyzing needs and suggesting upgrades to your system (including security needs). No job is too big or too small for EXC.

Managed IT

Our Remote Monitoring & Management tools allow us to manage, monitor, and secure your IT infrastructure from all threats and unexpected issues.

Network & Security

Networking can make or break your IT systems. Properly designed and secured networks are worth the effort. Let our expert engineers help you optimize your systems.

Disaster Recovery

EXC can help you with your data backup on remote, secure servers, and recovering lost data. Please give us a call for more information about how we can save you some major headaches.


Many computer companies install your new equipment and then they leave. EXC can help you after the install by providing training. It does not matter if it is new equipment, software or one of our protection or monitoring programs, EXC can help.

Free Consultation

Schedule a Free Consultation Now!

Have a project? Have an idea? We would love to talk to you and help you bring that dream to a reality. No idea is too big or too small.

Create a Trouble Ticket

Create A Trouble Ticket Now!

Create a trouble ticket, and out ticketing system will send out automatic alerts to keep you up to date.

From Our Clients


It has been over a year since the outsourcing switch to EXC Computer Consulting. We have experienced nothing but good service in all realms from this company. I would strongly recommend EXC to any company that did not have the luxury of staffing a full-time systems person. EXC has certainly given me additional time to focus on my job responsibilities as opposed to worrying about the system operations. In retrospect, I wish that we would have known about EXC sooner. I would not change the decision to switch. I know that we are in good hands.

Cammie Wike


From Our Clients


EXC handles calls for service in a fast, friendly and efficient manner. EXC is also able to explain our computer problems and make recommendations in language we can understand, not in a bunch technology jargon.

I would highly recommend EXC Computer Consulting to any small to the midsize company who finds the need for a personal computer professional but cannot afford to have one on staff full time.

Alan J. Kovach